We are on a mission

Giving back is a heartbeat of our team as well. Our team desires to use our skills and abilities to assist those in ministry-related fields and on foreign fields. Some of the income brought in is used to fund these trips. We have traveled throughout the continental US to Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, and Maine assisting in a variety of needs.

Various members of our team have been overseas to the following countries over the past 15 years including:



Haiti - Dominican Republic

Northwest Territories

Papua New Guinea


Quebec, Canada

Vanavara, Siberia.

Vanavara, Siberia.

Jan/Feb 2016

Leveling a Floor.

Leveling a Floor.

Siberia Trip

All born-again believers who have a personal relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ have been given various spiritual gifts in addition to their natural abilities. Not all preachers or evangelists have the time or where-withal to pick up hammers and saws and do the maintenance or construction needs their varied ministries demand. TCC was created for the purpose of coming alongside those ministering the Gospel in order to address the physical needs of their house, church building, or any number of other construction-related areas so that the ministry can keep going on without hindrances.

It is the purpose and desire of TCC to be actively involved in meeting those needs on a regular basis. If you know of a ministry that is in need of construction assistance, please get in contact with us to see if TCC can help.

We invite you to learn more about this amazing organization we partner with